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X-GLOO to nowatorski, napełniany powietrzem,

ultralekki, modułowy system namiotowy

Ultralight Tents

Thanks to the aerodynamic form, high-tech materials and clever stabilization system is perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use.

Safety, wind- stable, waterproof and fulfills the B1 fire protection norm- this is strength of this tent.

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xgloo namiot 2


DIN 4102-B1

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xgloo namiot 4


Up to 60 km/h

Unique features

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Block-Building System

Block Building System upon which the X Gloo is designed is meant to provide you with maximum versatility and convenience. The optional walls , tunnels and canopies-which we call “Elements”- can be zipped on or off quickly and easily. The roof and tubes which make up the tent “Matrix” can also be removed, exchanged and replaced. What this means to you is that the X –Gloo can grow with your needs.

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xgloo oval3
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Huge range of custom branding

The tent X Gloo is ultralight solution for events and special occasions. We give you the ability to apply your logo, text and images on nearly every of the X –gloo using a variety of application techniques. This, in addition to our wide range of available fabric colors let you make your X-gloo as unique as your product.

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