Modular Exhibition Stands

We build our stands on double-sided illuminated lightboxes with prints on textile fabrics. An important advantage of this solution is the possibility of multiple use of the coffers in the SLIMFRAME system. Thanks to the interchangeable graphics, you can easily and quickly change the look of the stand, in addition, the panels themselves can be arranged in various configurations. You can expand the stand in the future with other system elements, e.g. digital display, roofing or magnetic holders, and the whole thing will be compatible with the elements You already have.

As a manufacturer, we offer full support from the design stage to the assembly of the stand. We design each stand individually, adapting to the client’s needs.

Below we present a few examples of arrangements with a short description that will help you find what you need.

Stoiska targowe - 2x2m

2x2m stand with counter

Stand in this arrangement will be perfect for smaller spaces. Thanks to the perpendicular walls, it is extremely stable and visible from all sides. Thanks to several layout variants, it will definitely work in any situation. It is possible to fully or partially illuminate the wall elements and the counter.

Stoiska targowe - 2x3m

2x3m stand with counter

An enlarged version of a standard stand, providing more space, among others for additional stands, or simply giving more freedom. The same as in the smaller variant, the layout and lighting options are wide, so adjusting to individual needs is not a problem.

Stoiska targowe - 2x4m

2x4m stand with counter, back room and mesh

An extended version of the stand that offers additional arrangement options. Thanks to the back room, we can safely store valuable items, or for example, store advertising materials in stacks which could disturb the aesthetics of the stand. An additional panel with a mesh allows the simultaneous display of graphics, such as the company’s logo, allowing You to see what is happening inside the stand.

Stoiska targowe - 3x3m

3x3m stand with counter and fence

This variant of the stand gives a lot of freedom, leaving space for your own stand or display accessories. A special 3-meter-wide wall can be used to present the most beautiful graphics, in which the lack of joints is key and the additional fence provides us with both the stiffness of the structure and additional exposure.

Stoiska targowe - 3x5m

3x5m stand with 2 counters and back room

When one counter is not enough, You can be interested in this variant. This stand is ideal for serving more potential customers, ensuring that there is enough space for everything. A lot of exhibition space in combination with back room and doubling of service stations, provides an ideal option for larger companies.

Stoiska targowe - 3x5m

3x5m stand with counter, back room and rotating element

Human eye, apart from light and color, is primarily attracted to movement. That is why we offer a stand with movable elements that will surely catch the eye of everyone who passes by. In combination with the ceiling element, the stand offers many arrangement possibilities, ensuring an extremely attractive display.

Stoiska targowe - 3x5m

3x5m stand with 2 counters and back room

The second version of the stand with two counters, focused on the display with a minimum number of joints. It gives less arrangement options, rewarding it with increased aesthetics of the exhibition.

Stoiska targowe - 4x7m

4x7m stand with 2 counters, back room, roofing and 2 rotating elements

A stand for the most demanding customers, providing everything you can expect. Lots of exhibition space, safety, quick customer service and a unique design that no one will pass by indifferently.