SlimFrame 16mm

Very light 16mm deep profile.

It is perfect for creating one-sided, non-illuminated frames.

Weight: 0.35 kg/rm

SlimFrame 17mm

An alternative to 16mm profile, lighter and easier to assemble.

It is perfect for creating one-sided, non-illuminated frames.

Weight: 0.32 kg/rm

SlimFrame 36mm

The thinnest profile for iluminated frames thanks to 180° led modules.

Perfect for small lightboxes.

Weight: 0.5 kg/rm

SlimFrame 40mm

An alternative to 36mm profile, heavier but stiffer.

Perfect for small lightboxes.

Weight: 0.66 kg/rm

SlimFrame 46mm

The thinnest double-sided profile, thanks to its design, it allows to use crossbars and other accessories.

Perfect for non illuminated modular exhibition stands.

Weight: 0.89 kg/rm

SlimFrame 55mm

Basic profile for medium size lightboxes.

Thanks to its design, it is both firm and light.

Weight: 0.84 kg/rm

SlimFrame 65mm

Perfect profile for lightboxes used in interior design.

Despite the light structure, the frame remains firm thanks to the use of two connectors in the upper and lower part of the profile.

Weight: 0.98kg/rm

SlimFrame 66mm

Profile used both for lightboxes and one-sided walls of exhibition stands.

It allows the use of reinforcement crossbars, allowing the creation of larger lightboxes.

Weight: 0.8 kg/rm

SlimFrame 80mm

Our original profile.

Adapted to both one-sided and double-sided exposures.

The most universal profile in our offer.

Weight: 1.5 kg/rm

SlimFrame 85mm

55mm profile's bigger brother.

Perfect for larger lightboxes.

Weight: 1.18 kg/rm

SlimFrame 100mm

Primary profile for largest lightboxes.

Structurally most universal for outdoor lightboxes.

Weight: 1.06 kg/rm

SlimFrame 105mm

An alternative for 100mm profile.

Heavier and stiffer, more suitable for large walls of illuminated exhibition stands.

Weight: 1.56 kg/rm

SlimFrame 120mm

Double-sided profile for illuminated lightboxes and exhibition stands.

Thanks to its low weight, it's ideal for suspended lightboxes.

Weight: 1.4 kg/rm

SlimFrame 120mm Strong

An alternative for 120mm profile.

Heavier and more often recommended for the construction of exhibition stands.

Design of the profile allows the use of reinforcing crossbars.

Weight: 1.61 kg/rm

SlimFrame 150mm

The largest and the heaviest profile for the construction of the largest illuminated exhibition stands.

Profile structure allows to build extremely stable exhibition structures. Also compatible with reinforcement crossbars.

Weight: 2.57 kg/rm